De-risking Projects

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Without accurate planning and control, any project can end up delivering the wrong result, at the wrong time or may fail to fulfil the original specification.

The most advantageous time to assess a project is at the concept stage, before too much effort has been expended. By calling in Attis early we will be able to assess and evaluate your initial project deliverables and provide the most relevant and timely information.

We will identify project risks and recommend mitigations to allow you to manage them effectively. We will evaluate your deliverables against the customer’s requirements and clarify them against regulatory standards and/or best practice. Whilst your projects can be assessed at any stage, the later you leave it, the possibility of rework increases exponentially.

Attis can act on behalf of the customer or the supplier to ensure that the original specification is captured and adhered to where possible.

Applicable to:

  • Customer specification
  • Capability and capacity
  • Delegations of authority and competence
  • Key stage design reviews
  • Project risk evaluation and management
  • Hazard management
  • Validation and acceptance planning
  • Lessons learnt analysis

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