Managing Uncertainty

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Failing to fully understand complex requirements can result in incorrect solutions and possibly dangerous outcomes.

Wherever there is doubt, there is risk. Attis has huge experience of risk across a wide range of industries and disciplines and is, therefore, ideally placed to provide you with a support framework for projects and concepts that contain levels of uncertainty. Class-leading measurement tools combined with professional insight help to provide mitigation plans and ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Attis can help to develop the administrative, documentary and management pathways that will control each project to a successful conclusion. These will provide the key stages with defined, measurable results which will then demonstrate to you the progress against stakeholders’ expectations, accredited standards and best practice.

Applicable to:

  • Complex projects
  • Complex processes
  • Hazard and risk management
  • Normal, abnormal and emergency process confirmation
  • New product lines
  • New materials
  • Change of equipment, machinery and asset designed usage
  • Development of risk register

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