Providing Safe Solutions

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High-risk operations and events can become unsafe where prior planning and hazard identification have not been comprehensively undertaken.

Whether there are requirements for safely conducting frequent functions, or for safely executing dangerous, one-off or emergency operations, Attis has the expertise to provide critical assistance. Planning stratagems for all eventualities can be undertaken by examining key details of the operation, its environment and in particularly the expected outcomes. These plans are then converted into easy to understand documents and guidance to ensure compliance at operator level.

Attis can also provide the regulatory framework documents such as risk assessments to support these plans as well as toolbox talks and discussion groups. Lessons learnt analysis of previous events, either locally or within the industry will inform existing plans and expectations.

Attis will provide progress updates to reassure stakeholders of overall compliance with standards and best practice.

Applicable to:

  • High risk complex operations
  • Novel, abnormal, emergency and hazardous operations
  • Operations involving complicated alliances
  • Limiting or reducing asset operability
  • Accepting assets into service

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