Reducing Through-life Costs 

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Failing to fully evaluate design criteria and lifecycle expectations of a project will result in additional costs due to partial solutions and unexpected lifetime expenditure.

It is a tired mantra that companies save their clients money. Reducing costs does not always provide overall savings however, especially where quality is compromised. Often greater investment at the beginning of a project can provide far greater savings later on.

Attis can provide invaluable assistance in scrutinizing project detail from a broad perspective, ensuring that all the design inputs and outputs are aligned. By planning for, and reacting to, dynamic changes and by nurturing the project through key stages and milestones, you will be able to plan to mitigate the risks that may arise throughout a lifetime of use up to and including the disposal stage.

We will help you to develop processes that allow you to effectively plan and control the through-life management and maintenance costs.

Applicable to:

  • Reducing capital expenses (CAPEX)
  • Reducing operational expenses (OPEX)
  • Process change and improvements
  • Reducing project risks

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