Managing Growth & Change

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Your processes and assets may no longer be viable if you do not manage change – be it business, product or regulatory change – effectively and proactively.

Primarily – by understanding the ‘end goal’ – Attis can set a practical framework for growth or change, which over time can be measured. Key stages and milestones can be reviewed and assessed, physically and administratively, to document progress for investment stakeholders if required.

Attis can also inspect the requirement for change against current, perceived or future regulatory constraints, ensuring that any adjustments at the planning stage are accounted for, promoting resilience in the expectations of change.

Attis can provide you with bespoke tools to assist in managing design changes for products and processes.

Applicable to:

  • New and upgraded premises (UK and International)
  • New or upgraded equipment and machinery
  • Modifications to site
  • Modifications to equipment and machinery
  • Product development
  • Major changes to workforce
  • Major changes to processes
  • Delegations of authority and competence

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